Nazi salutes and death threats during the latest Donald Trump rally

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donald trump las vegas rally

We’re already used with hearing that there were a lot of protesters during Donald Trump rallies, but this time things got a bit out of control. During an event in Las Vegas, held this Monday, the last one before this year’s final GOP debate, a protester was thrown out, while supporters were shouting death threats at him and even Nazi salutes.

According to New York Daily News, Ender Austin III, the Republican candidate did nothing to calm the angry mob. “He didn’t attempt to stop it or redirect it or address any of the issues I raised,” he said on Tuesday.

The protester was aware about what could happen

Austin, currently living in North Las Vegas, joined the rally with about 15 other members of Unity Vegas, an activist group, and was planning to speak up, in order to be heard by Donald Trump. He also expected to get in trouble, since he claims that he is “absolutely not a fan” of Mr. Trump.

After just 10 minutes, Austin shouted two or three sentences, one of them being “We need gun control”, while the authorities shortly came. The reactions were mixed, but definitely some of the most interesting were “Light the motherf—er on fire!”, “Kick his a-!” or even a Nazi salute, “Sieg heil!”, shouted by a man who was spotted on camera and raised his right hand into the air.

The accusations of racism aren’t missing either

Even more, Austin, currently working as a minister at the Bethesda COGIC church, claims that he head some of Donald Trump‘s followers calling him the N-word.

Finally, reporters present at the rally say that they heard some supporters saying “He’s a Muslim guy” at a different protester, who was carried out.

Donald Trump, whose rhetoric was as aggressive as we were expecting didn’t comment anything about these events yet.