New travel ban, expected to be issued this Monday by president Trump

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Donald Trump will issue a new version of his executive order on immigration, excluding Iraq, a country considered a key ally for the United States, in the fight against the Islamic State. To be more specific, the order would temporarily stop refugee admissions to the US, according to the New York times, citing a senior administration official, familiar with the situation.

The new order doesn’t bring notable changes

Previously, the order included a four month ban on all refugees, except those coming from Syria, who were barred indefinitely. As for the new one, it removes the extra restrictions on Syrian refugees, but we still don’t know how much this temporary ban will last.

Even though, at a first look, the new travel order is considered more relaxed, president Trump, as well as some of the most important immigration hard-liners in his administration should, most likely, declare that it’s far from being less strict, since it retains a temporary ban on refugees.

Apparently, the decision to remove Iraq from the travel ban was taken after Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson discussed with the Iraqi government about the vetting processes and the country’s officials claimed that their system was through enough on its own.

Not everybody agrees with Trump’s decision

Like expected, there were also officials who expressed their concerns about this new restriction, claiming that they might affect Iraqi citizens who had worked with the military as interpreters or in other roles, then sought to come to the U.S.

Back in January, Donald Trump issued a first immigration order, which was barring passengers, even those with green cards, from entering the country. Also, some people with visas, who managed to arrive in the United States, were stopped at airports. These decisions was highly criticized by diplomatic and security officials, who claimed that such measures weren’t necessary.


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