There’s Nothing New About Donald Trump

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nothing new about donald trump
nothing new about donald trump

There’s nothing new about Donald Trump.

Over the last few days, Donald Trump has been travelling around South America and carrying with him a growing sense of hysteria and anxiety, as the GOP wonder what problems his apparent lack of filter will cause them next.

Immediately after announcing his intentions to run for presidency, Trump began voicing his outspoken views of immigration and Mexicans, leading to a media frenzy – during which CNN mentioned the words ‘Donald Trump’ 239 times in 24 hours, and many young voters took to twitter to start creating Trump memes and hashtags.

However, it only takes a quick search on the internet to reveal that in fact this isn’t a new, outspoken and extreme version of Donald Trump – this is the same guy we’ve always been used to, except now he has been put under the spotlight and the public are beginning to feel like they have to react to what he says.

He has, in the past, been (unsuccessfully) sued for racial discrimination, and there have been various claims by those close to Trump that he utters occasional racial slurs and extreme views when not in the public eye. Let’s not forget that Trump was also an outspoken ‘Birther’ – one of those campaigning for Barack Obama to release his birth certificate and prove his own identity. Interestingly enough, Trump now refuses to produce his own – but we’ll put that to one side for a second.

What is perhaps a little concerning about Trump this time, is that in the past it didn’t matter as much if he was voicing outspoken discriminatory views – but now that he’s running for candidacy, it’s worth drawing attention to the things he says and making sure that he isn’t taken seriously.

Trump has been employing a sinister combination of scare mongering and empathy – in Los Angeles on Friday evening for example, he brought together people whose families had been killed or harmed by illegal immigrants, and took this as an opportunity to reinforce his messages that “we better get smart in the United States”. It becomes worryingly easy to confuse sympathy for the tragedies that have befallen these families with support for Trump’s outrageous and extremely hurtful comments on immigrants as a whole – which is a very dangerous prospect indeed.

Make no mistake however, Trump cannot be taken seriously – and as members of the GOP began to denounce him, one hopes that we will successfully avoid his intoxicating and malicious views on immigration and crime. It is a shame that we even have to draw attention to a man who has always seemingly had extreme views – but this time it’s important to make sure we avoid the phenomenal car crash that would be an increase in support for Donald Trump.

What are your views, do you think there’s nothing new with Donald Trump or not and does he deserve a place in Washington?

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  • Dave Francis


    Anyone who thinks we can trust Iran, needs to be admitted to a mental asylum? Let’s face it the only people who trust Obama anymore, is the First Lady, his administration and the bacteria that live of the U.S., taxpayers and other people’s money. Iran cannot be trusted, as they have broke every previous agreement, cheated continuously and slaughtered thousands of people by handing out weapons to Hezbollah and insane militant groups. They are a bunch of fanatical zealots, who have focused on the destruction of Israel and America and I don’t believe for one minute, that they will honor any agreement.

    In truth we don’t even know the location of hidden military nuclear plants, which will carry on the process of building a nuclear bomb. Then given the frozen money accounts back to the high-ranking religious authority Ayatollahs is a terrible risk, as that 100 billion dollars and selling oil to the rest of Europe will give them more time to complete their hideous task. Israel has no agreement with the leadership in Iran, and the first whisper of treachery they will blow Tehran out of existence and knowingly try to wipe out hidden sites. Israel is not going to sit around waiting to be a nuclear bomb crater, it’s going to act? The average Iranian will be collateral damage, as Israel wants to survive and they have that right? OBAMA HAS GIVEN TEHRAN A “LICENCE TO MURDER”?

    Obama in 6 years has drained Americas strength and we look like cowards compared to the Kurd Warriors, who are fighting ISIS without little assistance from our government. We belittle ourselves in front of the world; no longer have an enforcer as prior presidents and our enemies no longer feared us.

    Obama has shrunk back from his duties to stand against Putins, Russia. Pres. Obama never helping the Ukraine government by supplying heavy weapons to push back Russians military backed rebels from occupying that sovereign country? He even took apart the Polish missile emplacements against the aggression of Russia in Europe. This President is a timid loser who has no strategic interest in arming the Kurds to utterly destroy the butchers of Christians—ISIS.

    As for trusting President Obama with anything he says today, as I said before Americans are living in a dream world of safety. Our national security is at risk, with this governments open border policy and refusing to enforce immigration laws. Our country is under attack by foreign nationals by President Obama’s loopholes, specifically allowing ‘Sanctuary Cities’ to thrive. His leaders in different agencies have carried out his wishes, as if they are exempt from the Rule of Law and the Constitution. He and his administration lied about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). His partners in crime as Hillary Clinton cannot be absolved, for the terrible incident in Benghazi, Libya. The destruction of thousands of Emails in the controversy with wiping clean the personal severs and oh! Yes! The hidden world of the Clinton Foundation and the billions of dollars and where it was spent?; the Collusion between the IRS and the state department over spying on the Tea Party leadership is not being swept under the mat.

    All Obama cares about is his legacy who has spent more money in Trillions of dollars then any previous president. He seems to be under the impression that foreign countries, its people are more important than the average American? As an Example NAFTA, a one-sided trade agreement, that not only killed thousands of American jobs, but businesses on this side of the border fell apart and closed. Same with China; poor products we buy that fall apart sold in infomercials on TV. We don’t even sell our own televisions anymore?

    I feel ashamed for myself; because I thought Obama was going to be a different type of President. I was as wrong as there has been no transparency and it’s provided an oral war in Congress. As of today America is unsettled like a house sitting precariously on the edge of cliff, with the ever lapping sea eroding our liberty and freedom right beneath us. Everyday I hear about the Politically Correct Police stealing our way of life, with nobody interdicting with its growing power. Under Obama’s rule millions of US don’t see ourselves as Americans any more, but a consortium owned either by mega corporations or far worse, an ideology of a one celled amoeba run by a controlling entity called a formless, bloated government cartel?

    For me personally, I haven’t made of my mind who to vote for in 2016. Certainly not Hillary Clinton, as I principles are the same as Obama’s. Giving away our country to the open border movement, which without a border, we will not be, a sovereign nation anymore? Madam didn’t speak out about the San Francisco pier murder, by an illegal alien welcomed with thousands of criminal illegal aliens into a Sanctuary City. Obama also has remained silent? However I am going to remind my captive audience, that this retiree is going to write something every day about Obama, who is regressing America? Just by researching the Internet I found thousands of cases, of every conceivable illegal alien crime from slaughtering people on the highways to homicides that are hidden away in E-magazines and deep in the country small newspapers.

    Unlike what the Left ricocheted around the Internet, the press, the media enforcement for America doesn’t affect LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

    I am not going to vote for career politicians as Jeb Bush, but I have been ecstatic to hear about Donald Trump, who could save America from its economic downturn; building up our military that President Obama is dismantling currently. Ending Sanctuary Cities, rescinding the ‘Anchor Baby’ chain migration law and only allowing talented people into the country as most developed nations. Trumps pledge to build a colossal wall, which will inhibit drugs and the influx of more poverty. I am also interested in Senator Ted Cruz, who didn’t play by the GOP elitist’s rules, who have berated Trump, except Scott Walker and Former governor Huckabee?

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