NY mayor Bill de Blasio won’t be charged after investigation

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New York mayor Bill de Blasio has been the subject of federal and state investigations, regarding his fundraising practices. According to CNN Politics, the Manhattan district attorney concluded that the actions taken by the mayor appeared contrary to the “intent and spirit” of the campaign, but everything ended without any criminal charges for the Democrat.

The conclusions were drawn

The United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, alongside the FBI, has investigated the donations required by de Blasio’s campaign from 2013, as well as others, coming “from individuals who sought official favors from the city, after which the mayor made or directed inquiries to relevant city agencies on behalf of those donors.”

The above mentioned source claims that US Attorney Joon Kim already released a statement, mentioning that due to the lack of additional evidence and given the totality of the circumstances, no federal criminal charges will be pressed against Bill de Blasio and those acting on his behalf, in the case of the fundraising efforts.

This announcement is made one week after Preet Bharara, Joon Kim’s predecessor, said on Twitter that he was fired after refusing to resign, at Donald Trump’s administration’s request. Like expected, his refusal created a public standoff, as 46 attorneys across the country were eventually asked to tender their resignations.

The mayor doesn’t agree with all the conclusions, though

As for Bill de Blasio’s point of view regarding this entire situation, he declared, during a press conference, that he doesn’t agree with some of the characterizations made by the prosecutors in their statements.

“This situation has been resolved,” he said. “Everything was done with the advice of counsel. Everything was done in accordance to the law.”