OBAMA: Iran and Assad represents Russia’s coalition in Syria

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The United States of America’s president Barrack Obama said Iran and Syria President Bashar Assad represents Russia’s entire coalition “and the rest of the world makes up ours.”
He also revealed that Washington and Russian leaders are currently holding talks about “deconfliction” so that what happened in Syria won’t lead to “firefights” in the air between Russia and America. He also went ahead to rebuff suggestions that the U.S immediately deployed military to protect the protect the Syrian rebels who have been under attack by Russian airstrikes in recently.
“This is not a contest between the U.S and Russia,” he stated “we are not going to make Syria a proxy war between Russia and the United states. Our battle is with ISIS.”
Nonetheless, reports on Friday as shown that top military leaders and defence officials are deliberating on using military force to protect Washington-backed Syrian rebels in the region.
But Obama wouldn’t say when asked by a reporter if the he felt Putin had been dishonest in not out-rightly revealing his intentions during the conversation in White House before the strikes.
He said Putin shares the U.S coalition’s urgency to defeat ISIS but what is obvious,he said, is Putin “doesn’t distinguish between ISIS and a moderate Syrian opposition that want to make Assad go.