Obama Warns China About Its Secret Agent Fugitive Hunters

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Obama Warns China About Its Secret Agent Fugitive Hunters

This is like something from out of a spy movie where images of trembling fugitives dash through shadowy alleyways whiled black-clad, steely eyed, assassins are in hot pursuit.

Then the super American secret agent, adorned in some outlandish red-white-and-blue costume appears dramatically to fend off the sinister pursuers.

Yes, this is real, it’s about the White House’s warning to China regarding the Chinese government’s use of secret agents in the United States, to track down fugitives from China. Obama wants the Chinese government to know that the US will not tolerate other foreign agencies or powers to use the country as a hunting grounds. That’s a noble gesture, but considering how much money China has, it will be next to impossible to stop China.

We’re not just talking Chinese agents, but anyone that the Chinese government will pay. In today’s harsh economic climate, China is not going to run out of candidates who would spy on fugitives on their behalf. The White House can rattle all the swords it wants to, but money makes a louder noise. China’s pursuit of these fugitives is one of both fear and vindictiveness. They want to send a message to anyone in China thinking of turning on the government there will be punished severely, either themselves or their families.

When it comes to spying on the United States, China appears to have no bounds nor qualms about it. Obama can thump the pulpit and warn China all day and night but it will do no good. The reason being is because China has unequalled economic clout over the United States. They look at us like a landlord who has to deal with a troublesome tenant who is years behind in the rent. China is notorious for massive criminal endeavors that range from copyright and trademark infringement, bootlegging, slave labor, extortion, on levels never seen before on Earth, and Obama actually thinks a White House warning is going to have some effect?

Harsh words do not a defense make. It’s just rhetoric and hot air. The United States can only try in vain to round up Chinese spies but the Chinese are smart enough to know not to send their own people around snooping as they would stick out like a sore thumb. No, they take part in a massive pool of poor and greedy Americans and illegal aliens that they can hire for a pittance to do their dirty work, and considering the animosity and disillusion among tens of millions of Americans, China’s not going to run out of manpower anytime soon. Many of their spies may not even know they’re working for China as China can subcontract and outsource to any number of foreign countries that hire Americans to look for this person or that person, unbeknownst that the persons they’re tailing are the target of the Chinese.

It’s a shame that the United States cannot protect its citizens but with half the adult population out of work, tens of millions in abject poverty, the setting for even further spying and compromising is well established and won’t be changing anytime soon.