Is Obamacare history? The GOP health bill will receive its ultimate vote on Thursday

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The Republican Party has announced that the health bill on which they’ve worked so hard in the past months will finally have its ultimate test on Thursday, says

The required number of votes was reached

Obamacare is on the edge of becoming history and the nation’s health care system will probably be changed from the ground up. Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy stormed out from Speaker Paul Ryan’s office on Wednesday night and delivered the big news. The California Republican said that the party now has enough votes for the bill to pass and that they’ll be voting on the health care on Thursday.

Every GOP member was in a good mood, including White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who also was very optimistic about the outcome of the vote. But this euphoria wasn’t contagious for all party members. Some Republican lawmakers expressed their deep reservations about the legislation, giving the fact that the project struggled over the past few months to gain the 216 votes needed to advance the bill, and have genuine concerns that it would ultimately not pass.

The GOP is still split

Republicans may be divided on the merits of the legislation, but they have one thing in common - they all think that it was time to move on from this health care bill, one way or the other. GOP Rep. Steven King said that at least an answer will be found - either they get something done or they live with Obamacare.

Things didn’t look too good until GOP Reps. Fred Upton and Billy Long met with Trump at the White House and switched their vote from “no” to “yes”. They proposed an amendment that would add $8 billion over five years to fund high-risk pools, but that didn’t attract other moderate Republicans, who feel that the sum isn’t enough to make a difference for patients with pre-existing conditions.