Officials: China Cyber Sanctions Could Come Next Week

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There could be sanctions on China’s attacks on the U.S. cyberspace as early as next week. There will be penalties imposed on those individuals as well as commercial entities that are believed to be behind the attacks.

This comes even as conventional sources said that the sanctions would come after China’s President Xi Jingping makes his state visit to Washington towards the end of the month. Experts have also reiterated that White House wanted to ensure they bring China to a negotiation table because of the stream of unrelenting espionage which seems to come largely from Beijing.

The two nations have an increasing tension between them with one of the cause of the tensions being Beijing’s assertiveness on security. For many years the Chinese have been accused of hacking into the U.S. business systems as they want to steal intellectual property. The Justice Department had indicted five Chinese officials in the military for stealing trading secrets.

Even though the sanctions might be economic in nature the move will come in shadow of 21 million server hacking of the Office of Personnel Management. The hack was mainly on sensitive files of government employees. The authority on some of the sanctions might be invoked from an executive order which was signed by President Obama in April. The order gives the administration the power to sanction entities from all over the world against U.S. targets.