One of VP Mike Pence’s Secret Service agents, suspended after meeting with a prostitute

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One of the Secret Service agents on Vice President Mike Pence’s detail was suspended, after a reported meet with a prostitute, at a Maryland hotel.

According to The Washington Post, the incident was confirmed by the Associated Press, but the cited sources remained anonymous. Eventually, the source got the confirmation from the Secret Service, which claimed that it “is aware of an alleged incident involving an off-duty Secret Service employee.”

He might as well say ‘goodbye’ to his job…

The employee, whose name wasn’t made public, from obvious reasons, was asked to surrender all the equipment and was placed on administrative leave. Also, his security clearance and access to all facilities given by his position were temporarily suspended.

The Secret Service’s spokesman declared that they’re currently exploring the full range of disciplinary actions the must be taken in such situations.

It seems that everything started after the Maryland hotel manager announced the police about suspicious activity in one of the rooms. Eventually, they saw the agent leaving the hotel and caught him, then arresting him, with the charge of solicitation.

“The Secret Service takes allegations of criminal activity very seriously,” the spokesman said in the statement.

Currently, the Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the incident.

There was a precedent!

This isn’t the first time when the Secret Service is dragged into a scandal like this. A few years ago, the agency’s reputation was seriously affected, after the male agents brought male prostitutes in their rooms in Cartagena, Columbia, during an official presidential trip to the country.

A dozen agents were sent home, being accused of misconduct, even though prostitution was actually semi-legal in Colombia. Still, it was banned for agents.