People across the U.S. are protesting after Trump’s victory

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There’s no need to say that Donald Trump’s victory took a lot of people by surprise and, somehow, protests after the the elections results were announced were expected. Opponents of the President-elect started to express their frustration all over the country, questioning his ability to deal with such an important position.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama urged their supporters to accept the businessman victory and eventually support his transition into power, but, according to The Washington Post, their efforts were in vain.

Could this be just the start of something bigger?

Thousands of demonstrators marched through the streets, reminding everybody about all the comments Donald Trump made on women or immigrants.

Major metropolitan centers like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, as well as smaller cities, dealt with protests where demonstrators were arrested. Also, there were places where the events took a negative turnover, with injured police officers or burned patrol cars.

“I’m disappointed, shocked, a little panicked for my friends and family — for everything that will be unleashed, the hate that will be unleashed,” said Marion Hill, a protester who joined the demonstrations outside of the Trump Tower, in downtown Chicago.

Also, in New York, Hillary Clinton received an impressive amount of support, people chanting “She got more votes!” in front of the Trump Tower from midtown Manhattan. Earlier in the day, the crowd marched all the way from Union Square to the President-elect’s building, saying “Donald Trump, go away! Sexist, racist, anti-gay!”

Clinton wants to give the President-elect a chance!

As for Hillary Clinton, she militated for keeping an open mind and give Trump the chance to lead the United States, even though she was definitely disappointed when delivering the speech.

“I know how disappointed you feel because I feel it, too,” Clinton said. “This is painful, and it will be for a long time.”