President Barack Obama delivers emotional farewell speech

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Even though a lot of people weren’t looking forward to this moment, it finally happened. President Barack Obama said farewell to the nation in an emotional speech, trying to comfort a country going through rapid economic changes, as well as serious security threats.

“Yes we did.”

The emphasis was put on the many trials the United States will have to face after his departure from the White House, but the problems he as unable to solve during his terms were also covered with optimism, hoping that his successor, Donald Trump, will have more luck with them.

“Yes, our progress has been uneven,” Obama told the crowd. “The work of democracy has always been hard, contentious and sometimes bloody. For every two steps forward, it often feels we take one step back.”

His family wasn’t forgotten, as the president wanted to thank Michelle Obama for all the sacrifices she made through the last eight years, as well as his daughters, who were just two young girls when their father was first appointed to the highest position in the country.

Skeptical about Trump’s skills, but still an optimist

Of course, everybody wanted to hear what Barack Obama thinks about the man who will succeed him. It’s well known that he considers Donald Trump a threat to the United States’ future, as everything that was accomplished since 2008 could be upended by the president-elect. However, Obama said that he’s looking forward to a peaceful transfer of power, which is one of the nation’s great strengths.

Finally, when the crowd started chanting “four more years”, Barack Obama smiled and said that he just can’t do that. This being said, there’s no doubt that he leaves office as one of the most popular presidents the United States ever had.

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