President-elect Donald Trump’s first press conference, rescheduled for January 11

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Usually, just a few days after the results of the election are confirmed, the president-elect is expected to attend a press conference, in order to ask several questions. However, in Donald Trump’s case, things are a bit different.

Wasn’t this conference supposed to be very important?

After he was elected, on November 8, he decided to skip the event, as he declared at rallies, in a few interviews, and, of course, on Twitter. However, at the end of November, Trump did said that he’s planning to hold a “major news conference” in December, where he was planning to discuss the future of his businesses, after he will start ‘working’ as president. Surprisingly or not, on December 12, he postponed the whole event, says CNN.

“I will hold a press conference in the near future to discuss the business, Cabinet picks and all other topics of interest. Busy times!,” Donald Trump tweeted shortly after.

Like expected, journalists started wondering if they will indeed get the chance to ask the President a few questions after all, since his decision to postpone it once again was basically a sign of disrespect, considering how much the media aided him in his campaign.

Even more, this decision didn’t come as a surprise, since Trump has barely answered any questions from reporters, in less formal settings, after being elected. Still, it seems that this major conference he was talking about will finally take place, on January 11.

Save the date!

“I believe it was rescheduled for Jan. 11, originally, and if the lawyers and the compliance officers feel like we’re ready, then we’ll stick to that date. It’s really up to them,” Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s top advisor, said this Monday, on CNN.

This date would make sense, since it would be the perfect time to respond to President Barack Obama’s farewell address, which will be delivered on January 10, in Chicago.