Press secretary Sean Spicer loses it during conference about Trump-Russia connections

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press secretary sean spicer

The White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, got into a serious exchange with a correspondent, during today’s press briefing, ending up by asking her to “stop shaking her head” and to “report the facts.”

According to Business Insider, it all started when April Ryan, a reporter for the American Urban Radio Neworks, asked Mr. Spice around the end of his briefing about the White House’s plans for repairing its image, after several controversies and investigations about Russia’s implications in the 2016 elections, as well as Donald Trump’s team rumored cooperating with it, seriously affected the credibility of the institution.

Spicer did not take the question well!

“You don’t seem so happy,” the reported said, before launching the actual quesion. “With all of these investigations … questions of what is ‘is,’ how does this administration try to revamp its image, two and a half months in?”

April Ryan also mentioned the whole controversy regarding Russia during her intervention, as well as Donald Trump’s claims about Barack Obama wiretapping Trump Tower before the elections, which are clearly unfounded.

Sean Spicer denied all connections with Russia. “If the president puts Russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that’s a Russian connection,” he continued, before asking the Ryan to “report the facts”.

The press secretary continued with the same idea, mentioning that both Republicans and Democrats know that there’s no evident about president Trump’s team being connected with Russia during the elections.

“I’m sorry that that disgusts you,” he told Ryan. “You’re shaking your head.”

…and still no exact answer!

Finally, the reporter went back to her initial question, about the perception of the White House, after this entire scandal, having Spicer claiming that they will keep “doing whatever they are doing.”

He finished the intervention, revealing that Donald Trump and his team are “bringing groups together”, by reaching out to people who had disagreed with him initially.