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Russia president, Vladimir Putin, has sent ISIS in Syria warnings yesterday. The missiles launched were said to have been aimed at equipment, communication stations, vehicles and ammunitions but with no life lost.
The Russian missile attack can be said to have caught the United States by surprise although officials from the United States’ department stated that Russia had sent them warnings before taking the bold step of attacking the ISIS by telling America not to fly their aircrafts across Syria, but they failed to yield to the warnings.
The united state official also stated that Russia didn’t give the united states any “no fly zone” in Syria.
It was revealed that both countries are set to hold urgent talks on the matter before it sparks up any malice whatsoever between both countries. The talk was set to be held between officials of both countries.
One of the former senior loyalist of president Obama has said that he doesn’t see any direct military clash between Russia and the united states of America. But he included that, “obviously this is a huge political thorn in our side”.
So many people are now of the opinion that this will go a long way in affecting diplomatic relations between Russia and America .
Source:Fox news