R. Alexander Acosta, confirmed as Labor Secretary by the Senate

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The Senate has approved on Thursday the missing piece in Donald Trump’s cabinet. R. Alexander Acosta, the dean of Florida International University College of Law and a former United States attorney, will take over the Labor Secretary position, says The New York Times, therefore becoming the only Latino appointed in the mogul’s cabinet.

Eight Democrats and one independent voted in favor of the 48-years old dean, and with a 60-to-38 vote, Mr. Acosta will now be the man that has to put this department back on its feet. The labor office has been without a secretary for three months and some pressing issues need to be taken care of.

Fulfilling Trump’s orders from the start of his term

The first problem that Mr. Acosta will analyze seems to be the Obama-era rule that requires brokers to put the interests of clients who are saving for retirement above their own. Mr. Trump is not a big fan and requested the rule to be reviewed.

But how is R. Alexander Acosta as a person and as a leader? According to the same source, there are some mixed feelings from those who worked with him. Some say that the former attorney is passive leader, who actually waits for a command, while others consider him a man who can keep his political views away from his professional decisions.

Democrats aren’t fancying Mr. Acosta

Most of the Democrats seem to stand against him, claiming that he might use conservative political ideologies to shape his cabinet. Mr. Acosta defended himself and said that his main objective is to put the interest of workers first. But there are reasons for concern!

A 2008 investigation by the Justice Department found out that, under his charge, the Justice Department’s civil rights division in southern Florida was hiring and assessing employees based on their political affiliations. Bradley Schlozman was the man considered guilty, but many questions about Mr. Acosta’s implication remain unanswered.