Russia helping Trump’s campaign and Obama wiring Trump Tower are being seriously considered recently

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donald trump and barack obama

A new Washington-Post ABC News poll discovered that Americans seem to have two favorite conspiracies right now - that President Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians to help him win the 2016 election and that Barack Obama wired Trump Tower to spy on the mogul’s campaign.

Both suppositions are investigated by Congress, but there’s no need to say how party affiliation influence each belief, with Democrats far more likely to see collusion and Republicans to see spying. According to The Washington Post, The poll also found out that half of the public has the impression that Congress will not conduct a fair investigation regarding Russia’s role in the election.

Both issues are currently under investigation

The claims may sound crazy for outsiders, but the FBI, the White House and the Senate have launched their own investigations to see what’s going on.

Since he took office in January, Donald Trump successfully dodged some questions about Russia’s meddling in the election by creating another scheme - accusing Obama of wiretapping his phones in Trump Tower in New York.

Nearly 4 in 10 Americans have the impression that Russia had a role in Trump’s campaign, although there is no solid public evidence of establishing that. Of course, there is also no proof of improper surveillance by the Obama administration.

The GOP isn’t very sure about Obama’s presumed wiring of the Trump Tower

However, it’s very interesting to observe the discrepancy between the two party supporters. 6 in 10 Democrats say Russia interfered in the election with the help of the Trump campaign, while only about 1 in 10 Republicans say that is the case. Among Trump voters, 28 percent say Russia tried to influence the election compared with 83 percent of Clinton voters who say the same.

On the other hand, just over half of Republicans believe that Obama listened to what Trump was doing, while only about 1 in 10 Democrats think that is the truth.