Should Donald Trump Just Shut Up?

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Donald Trump - Just Shut Up?
Donald Trump - Just Shut Up?

Should Donald Trump Just Shut Up?

Once again, 2016 US Presidential contender, Donald Trump, has stirred up more vitriolic controversy by insulting Arizona Senator John McCain. In this attack between the two combatants, Trump ridiculed McCain’s military service by stating how he, Trump, didn’t like heroes who had been captured.

Trump’s official statement was that McCain was a “war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”.

That was harsh, as harsh as it gets.

Then Trump tried to clarify himself by saying, “If a person is captured, they’rea hero as far as I’m concerned, but you have to do other things also.”. He continued, “ I don’t like the job John McCain is doing in the Senate because he is not taking care of our veterans.”.

Is Donald Trump Crazy?
Is Donald Trump Crazy?

He’s referring to McCain’s lengthy stay in a Vietcong prison camp when his plane was shot down during the Vietnam War. McCain suffered greatly during that time, and has been permanently disabled from the ordeal. He received heroic honors for his fortitude and has been sort of a poster icon for military personnel who’ve given much in the line of duty.

The Donald himself never served in the military, but got a medical deferment due to a bone spur in his foot.

The demand for an apology came in from all points on the map, especially from other GOP contenders like Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, and more. All stand fast that Trump owes apologies to all veterans and former POWs.

Trump went on to explain his comments by further churning up the waters regarding how McCain had lost the 2008 presidential election after Trump had raised over a million for the campaign. This all started, however, when McCain took to the media to criticize Trump for Trump’s hot button statements regarding illegal immigrant criminals from Mexico that have been plaguing the US with their wrongdoing. Trump, not one to sit back, then launched his counter attack against McCain.

Trump has his rights to speak his piece, but in this case he’s cut to the heart and bone of the American mindset. Insulting McCain’s military record is like insulting the entire military and all those who’ve served and sacrificed. Sure, serving in the military does not put one in a privileged position, but that service is deeply appreciated by the majority of the public and reaches deep into their hearts, minds, and spirits.

How Trump will fare now that he’s insulted so many in one shot is unknown. He apparently doesn’t listen to his advisors nor anyone regarding candor and good competition. He goes for the jugular and damn the torpedoes.

His attacks had put him on top of the Republican presidential pile, but now, that apex position may be in jeopardy. He’s walking a thin line and making enemies from all directions.

America has a love/hate relationship with Donald Trump, but considering what he’s just done, should Donald Trump just shut up?