Tennessee Congress candidate shocks with billboard

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Rick Tyler, an independent candidate running for Congress in Tennessee, managed to caused a lot of controversy with one of his billboards, featuring the “Make America White Again” slogan.

It’s more than obvious that Mr. Tyler got his inspiration from Donald Trump’s campaign, but his message is more shocking than it’s allowed, proven by the multiple calls local TV stations from Benton, Tennessee, received.

This is how you can get viral…

Besides this, the billboard was highly photographed and images with it were spread all over the Web. Surprisingly or not, a lot of people thought that it’s a fake, since it’s less likely to use such a message in 2016.

According to the Miami Herald, Snopes, a website specialized in investigating facts, sent a team to investigate the issue, being skeptical “that someone running for Congress would use a slogan that was so blatantly racist”.

However, the sign is real and Rick Tyler, the candidate whose campaign it promotes, seems to be very proud of it. “The “Make America White Again” billboard means that the country should go back to the “1960s, ‘Ozzie and Harriet,’ ‘Leave it to Beaver’ time when there were no break-ins, no violent crime, no mass immigration,” he told a local TV station.

…or lose every chance to obtain a good result.

The potential congressman in Tennessee’s 3rd District also declared that despite what people believe, he doesn’t hate “people of color” at all.
This isn’t the only billboard installed by Mr. Tyler’s campaign, as he put up another one, with Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous quote, “I have a dream”, over a photo of the White House, surrounded by Confederate flags, ending up with the candidate receiving even death threats.
“I respect their right to have an opinion. I believe the majority of the people in the county like it,” Rick Tyler said. “I saw people taking pictures beside it right after I posted it.”
UPDATE: In the meantime, the billboards were removed.