The main suspect in New Jersey Bombings, arrested

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Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man believed to be responsible for this Saturday’s explosion in Manhattan and New Jersey, was taken in custody on Monday, after an encounter with the police, where he was wounded, law enforcement officials, cited by NY Times, claim.

Earlier today, the police issued a cellphone alert that reached millions of residents from the New York area, telling everyone to keep an eye for the suspect, presented as “armed and dangerous”, and call 911 immediately if they spot him.

The suspect attacked police officers

He was eventually spotted sleeping in the doorway of a bar and was approached by an officer, who ordered him to show hands. Instead, the suspect pulled a handgun and show the officer, but it just struck his vest. After this, Rahmani tried to run, firing his gun at passing vehicles.

Apparently, Rahmani was shot more than once by the officer he attacked, before trying to run away from the police, according to witnesses.

The 28-year old suspect was identified thanks to the surveillance cameras in Chelsea, which revealed him planting both bombs, the device that exploded and another that did not detonate, a few blocks away.

The police claim that he is also responsible for the backpack pull of pipe bombs, found later on Sunday, in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

The attack isn’t linked with other terrorist organizations, claims NY Governor

According to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the attack did not appear to be linked with international terrorism, but further investigation should clarify this, as this hypothesis won’t be ignored.

“I would not be surprised if we did have a foreign connection to the act,” he said for CNN on Monday morning.

Ahmad Khan Rahami, born in 1988, is a naturalized citizen of Afghan descent, living with his family in Elizabeth, New Jersey.