Trump: Apple should build everything in US

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trump on ban of apple

Republican presidential front runner, Donald Trump said on Monday that if elected as US President, he would force Apple, the U.S.’s most profitable company, to manufacture all of its products in the U.S.  said, “We’re going to get Apple to build their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries.” Apple currently only manufactures its Mac Pro computers in the U.S., while most of its other products, including the iPhone, are made in China.

Trump gives businesses and companies what to expect

In his speech on Martin Luther King day, Trump claimed to support free trade but insisted he would impose a 35 percent tax on businesses producing goods overseas, including Ford cars that are produced in Mexico.  He said American companies should not be free to manufacture wherever they choose. “Free trade is good. But we have to do it [force them back to the US] or we won’t have a country left,” said Trump. According to CNET,  Trump’s controversial comments and ideas during his campaign for the White House has been on diverse issues, including comments on Mexican immigrants, ban of internet, Muslims ban and refugees, among others.

His comments about Apple came within a minute of his roughly 50-minute speech ending. But Trump isn’t alone in believing that Apple would gain from manufacturing solely in the US. Immediately after the words about Apple, Trump said he wasn’t merely going to make America great again, but “greater than ever before.”

Trump trailing behind Cruz in new poll

Just 12 days from the Iowa caucus, first stop on the long road to the GOP convention, Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump each have polling leads in Iowa, though Cruz’s lead is in the more highly regarded poll.; meanwhile, Marco Rubio runs third. According to Heavy news, Trump leads nationally, with New Hampshire showing a strong Trump lead and Rubio facing a strong challenge for runner-up status from Cruz and John Kasich in New Hampshire.