Trump to visit New York for the first time since he was appointed President

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Donald Trump is finally coming home! After his 107-days absence, the mogul will return to Manhattan on Thursday, for the first time as the leader of the White House, says CNN.

The President will meet Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, both of them being expected to join the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea aboard the USS Intrepid, the aircraft carrier-turned-museum parked along Manhattan’s West Side.

NY has a special place in Trump’s heart

Born in Queens in 1946, Trump has never spent this much time away from his favorite city, New York.

Michael Caputo, a former campaign aide for the 70-years old businessman, said that Donald Trump has lived, eaten and breathed New York City for 70 years, and the fact that he has to be away from the place he adores is eating him on the inside.

After his speech on the Intrepid, the President is expected to spend his weekend at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, therefore skipping a visit to his “masterpiece”, Trump Towers. But Bedminister is the place where his daughter got married, where he interviewed candidates for his new government, back in November, and where he wants to be buried, so it’s very close to his heart.

Without New York, we wouldn’t have had the same Donald Trump. Grown in Queens, he longed to move to Manhattan early in his life and did everything in his power to make it work, building an estate empire that rose to international fame.

Being a president is no easy job

Reflecting on his first 100 days in the White House, Trump said that his activities require more work than his previous life and that he misses the things we did before, back when he was “just” a businessman.

He may love the city, but its citizens don’t quite seem to like him. The people of New York have largely rejected his presidency, voting against Trump in 2016.