Trump’s odd decision made people lose trust in him, according to poll

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President Trump’s problems in fulfilling his campaign promises seem to have made the majority of Americans lose faith in his abilities as a leader. A new poll from Gallup released earlier this week and cited by the Washington Post concluded that U.S. citizens no longer view Trump able to keep his promises.

The mogul’s desire to abolish the Affordable Care Act was what brought him numerous votes, but his shifting positions on this issue and on other stances may cost him the confidence of the American people as well.

Trump’s popularity decreased among all age groups

The Gallup’s poll numbers say that the percent of Americans who think Trump can keep his promises dropped from 62 percent in February to 45 in early April. Every demographic group - women, men, millennials, baby boomers and people with political leanings of all kind now believe that the 70-years old politician is less capable of fulfilling his campaign promises.

Even among Republicans, the numbers saw a fall, from 92 percent to 81 percent. The poll was conducted between April 5 and April 9, and shows how Donald Trump fell on all six presidential leadership characteristics that Gallup takes into consideration. At first,  59 percent of Americans saw the Republican as a “strong and decisive leader”, but now the numbers are down at 52 percent, while just 36 percent see him as “honest and trustworthy,” compared with 42 percent in February.

Women don’t trust him either!

Often seen as a misogynist, Trump totally lost women’s trust, with just 40 percent of them thinking that the President can keep his promises, compared with 65 percent in February.

Considering that he’s constantly switching between Health Care and tax reform as his number one priority, that he took the decision to strike Syria militarily, or that he’s now supporting the Export-Import Bank, after calling it “unnecessary” and “excess baggage” back in 2015, we can see why people lost almost all their trust in Trump. With his presidency’s important 100-day milestone on the corner, what will his next move be?