VP Mike Pence announces that the transition team did their job

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With just one day left until president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, Vice President-elect Mike Pence announced that the transition team finished their job “on schedule and under budget”, using the same like Trump has used several times, when talking about his real estate projects.

The team was great with handling the budget!

The VP announced that there’s still “some 20 percent of taxpayer funding” left and they’re planning to return it to the U.S. Treasury, according to ABC News.

Mike Pence wanted to thank all supporters and, of course, members of Donald Trump’s transition team, for their efforts to get as many jobs in place as they could, ahead of tomorrow’s event.

“We focused … on a Day 1, a Day 100 and a Day 200 action plan” in an effort to put “the president-elect’s promises into action,” the Republican said.

Incoming White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, also joined the discussion, announcing that everything is ready for the event to start at 12:01. He also mentioned that the inauguration festivities managed to generate a lot of “infectious” excitement.

Trump’s discourse is expected to be impressive

The future secretary revealed that Donald Trump is constantly making edits and additions to his inaugural speech and he’s also planning to attend a leadership luncheon, alongside incoming Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, as well as chairman of the Presidential Inaugural Committee Tom Barack, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel and many others, at the Trump hotel, in Washington D.C.