Will Hillary Clinton actually run for mayor of New York?

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Lately, there have been a lot of rumors about Hillary Clinton running for mayor of New York in 2017, against Bill de Blasio, and we have some reasons to believe that this could happen.

A candidacy as a revenge

Back in 2000, de Blasio was running Clinton’s Senate campaign, but eventually made a false start in the 2016 presidential race, hoping to position himself as a national voice for liberals. So yes, there’s no doubt that top New York democrats aren’t his biggest fans and wouldn’t rule out the scenario in which the former Secretary of State would replace him.

Of course, everything is based on rumors, based on the fact that Hillary Clinton declared that she’s not planning to run for president again, in 2020, after last year’s defeat, so a position like mayor of New York would make sense for one of the most important figures in the Democratic party.

Hillary’s popularity is at its lowest

On the other side, many Democrats don’t really want to hear from her after losing to Donald Trump, so we can say that there’s no place for her in national politics anymore. But what’s interesting is that nobody is denying the rumor yet!

“Everybody in politics knows why they are doing it. It’s very high school,” said Bill de Blasio’s former press secretary, Karen Hinton. “It’s obvious she is not going to run, so why aren’t people just saying that?”

And she’s not the only one sharing this opinion, but once again, Hillary Clinton is one of the most important figures in the Democratic party, so we never know when she makes the announcement…